Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Love So Loud- Anger.

     The next few posts are gonna be kind of different than the first few ones. I feel like it is important that you all know where the inspiration for these come from though, and I'm not ashamed to tell you. When things happen in my life, big or small, I really try to search my heart and try to find the flaw in it. Because let's be honest, every single person reading this has a flawed heart, somehow, some way. Let me go back and say that God does love you for your flaws because He loves you exactly how you are, but in my opinion if we live in a way that does nothing to better ourselves because "God loves us anyways" we're not being all that we can be.
     As a human, it is an honest struggle to examine yourself- to see yourself as the world sees you. And i'm sure most of you haven't even thought about it because you might be ashamed of what you conclude..But I know that there are so many times I have walked in a room full of people I don't know, or met someone for the first time, and left wondering what they thought of me. But the point of these next few posts isn't for the struggle on the outside- it's for the struggle on the inside..the struggle to fix our busted hearts
     Think of the thing that you hate the most in the world. And yes, I know we were brought up to say that we should never hate anything, but think of something that you truly dislike. It's easy for that look of disgust to cross your face, it's easy for words of despise to slip through your lips, and let's be honest- if looks could kill, whatever this person, or object, or event is..it would be dead
     That's anger- and I struggle more with being angry than I do with anything else. No, I am not an angry person. No, I do not get angry very often. But when I do, it is an emotion that I have little control over. I'm sure my family could tell you that I'm almost a completely different person when i'm mad, and I am not proud of that. But, I am not perfect. As I have grown up though, I have been able to control that anger a little more. I've taught myself to stay calm even in times that make me furious.
     We have to examine our hearts in a proactive way. We have to find the flaw, fix the flaw, and be better people- and that's hard to do. It was easy for me to say to myself, "Hey kid, you get pretty angry, pretty fast." It was hard for me to accept that I needed to change, because I didn't really think there was anything wrong. But anger is one of those emotions kind of like worry..the kind that consumes your life. It makes you bitter, it's what drives us to do awful things that most of the time we don't mean. Our anger hurts people, our anger drives people to the point of tears. And the truth is, whatever is making you angry right now, probably won't matter in a week, tomorrow, or in a few months. Let go of that anger, set yourself free..and remember this-

Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret--it only leads to evil. -Psalm 37:8

Challenge: Do the best you can to try to control your anger before it gets out of control.

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