Friday, November 9, 2012

A Love So Loud IS MOVING!

     First off, I want to start out by saying that since February when I started this blog, my life has changed dramatically. I have had surgery, I have transferred schools, I have moved in to my own house and I pay my own bills, I no longer play basketball, I have two jobs, and my walk with Christ has grown into something that I, for the first time in my life, am extremely proud of. But just like every other good thing in your life, you have to nurture it for it to truly grow. You have to pour into the good to make it great, and pour into the great to make it excellent, and so on. So with all of that being said, A Love So Loud is moving locations. Not only is it moving locations, it's moving from a blog to a non profit organization. Let me tell you what we are all about.

     Like I said, A Love So Loud is a nonprofit organization. Our goal is to amplify God's love above everything else in this world. We believe that through all things, love is the most important part of our lives, and we find that love through Christ first. We believe that there is a generation that "missed it", and unfortunately, we are a part of the generation. We are teenagers and young adults that have grown up with heavy influences from media and social networking. We live in a time where our peers pressure us to turn away from God and do whatever we want because it's fun or more satisfying. We believe that through the struggle of what the world wants us to be and what God calls us to be, that we have listened to God's voice and we have chosen to love when the world says to hate. We have chosen to create when the world says destroy. So what do we plan on doing with A Love So Loud? We plan on becoming a traveling team of kids who love Jesus, speaking to other kids who might have missed it, or need a little push to see what this "Jesus thing"is all about. We understand that we are not perfect, and we sin every single day but we are choosing to follow the direction that we feel God is leading us. What makes us different? We understand where you're coming from because we have made mistakes and we do mess up, but we understand that we live for a God that is greater than anything we have ever done, and we want you to understand that, too. We understand that we serve a God that saves us with His unending love, and that is what A Love So Loud is all about. So with that being said, why would you want us to come speak to you? We feel that we can be positive influences and role models to the rising generation. We believe that we press the importance of faith and not of materialism. Basically, we are two twenty year old kids trying to make the world see that there is more to life than the way that we live. We have been called to love, we all are the greatest commandment.

     I keep saying "we", who is the other person you might ask? Well every once in a while, you run into someone that feels the same way about something that you allow me to introduce my partner through all of this, Zach Hill. Zach is currently a student at EKU and one of the most amazing followers of Christ I have ever met. Through Zach and his connections, I truly believe that A Love So Loud is going to be something greater than I had ever envisioned. He is a blessing in every single bit of the word and there are very few people I know that I would trust with my life, he is one of them. So to my blog readers, I know you will feel the same way about him that I do and I hope that you accept him into his very huge role of a Co-founder of A Love So Loud.

     This is the last post that will be put on this website..from now on, we will be using - A website being made and designed by the wonderful Bryan Minear, another huge contributor to the A Love So Loud dream. He also designed all of the awesome logos you will see if you go check out our twitter.

     So with that being said, thank you to every single one of you that have read this blog. Thank you for  inspiring me to step outside of myself and create something bigger. Thank you for your support, for your endless love and for so much more than that. We can change this generation, we can make this A Love So Loud. But we still need your help. We are a non profit organization, so every single bit of the money that is donated goes back into the organization for things like the website, bracelets, tshirts, travel (when we get to it) and etc. We are asking you to open up your heart to us and help with the cost of some of these things. Bracelets are being sold right now for 3 dollars a piece. We are thankful for all donations and we will be sure to make sure you stay up to date with the things happening with our organization.

     We are excited for the things to come and we are excited for the chance that God has given us to be a voice of this generation. Rise Up. Get Ready. We are about to make God's love, A Love So Loud.

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